We're going carbon neutral!

What's new

We are excited to announce… that we will further accelerate our sustainability journey and become a carbon neutral certified brand by 2022.

As we believe that the more people will embrace plant-based food, the better the world will be. We provide delicious plant-based food to consumers that want to reduce their meat intake and eat more plant-based food, to live a healthier lifestyle with a reduced impact on the environment.

We have challenged ourselves to achieve carbon neutrality in the near future to accelerate our contribution to the ambition we share with our consumers: making the world a better place while enjoying great food.

So far we are on the right track and are constantly improving our products. For example, with our plant-based Sensational Burger we use 75% less CO2-eq emission, 80% less land and 80% less energy than its traditional counterpart*. Also, in 2020 we’ve changed our packaging that is now designed to be recyclable. 

Join us on our journey and stay tuned, we will share more initiatives in the next months! 

*Results based on the 2019 life Cycle Assessment 3rd party reviewed by Quantis. Comparing 100% Beef Burger from Germany with Garden Gourmet SENSATIONAL BURGER with chilled distribution and consumption in Germany. Based on average of 16m2/year.