Clown Bagel With Grilled Pieces

1 serving Serving
10 MIN Duration
Easy Difficulty


1/2 pack Garden Gourmet Chargrilled Pieces
2 lettuce leaves
2 cherry tomatoes
3 black olives
1 banana (as side fruit)
1 strip of celery (as side fruit)
1 tbsp of peanutbutter (as side fruit)
Some blueberries (as side fruit)
Some slices of cucumber (as side fruit)
1 tangerine (as side fruit)
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Bagel 'clown': halve the bagel lengthwise and top with lettuce. Bake the grilled pieces according to the instructions on the package and arrange them on the lettuce. Place the top of the bagel on top and make a face of a cherry tomato for nose, and eyes and a mouth of black olives.

Banana Dolphin: Cut the stem of a banana to make the dolphin's
mouth. Push a berry or other piece of fruit in between the ‘jaws’ and draw eyes on the peel.

Celery caterpillar: spread some peanut butter in the hollow of a piece of celery and press a row of blueberries into it. Use a tomato as a cup and pipe a face on it with e.g. chocolate paste.

Mandarin snail: cut the skin of a mandarin around on both sides in
as a wide ring. Cut the 'ring' and peel a piece on both sides off. Cut one side as a head with 2 ears and draw one with e.g. marker face up.

Nutritional Information
Typical values
Per Serving
401.22 Kilocalories
34.17 grams
25.42 grams
19.06 grams