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Mmmm! Tasty news about the Garden Gourmet Sensational Sausages

What's new

We’ve got some exciting and delicious news to share! Our Sensational Bratwurst might just taste even better thanks to our new and improved recipe. And there’s more. We’re introducing two new sausages to our range: The Sensational Chipolata & Merguez. How’s that for juicy news?

It’s all about the taste

Curious about the flavor? Let’s dive into some of the details of these lovely new sausages. The Chipolata is an incredibly juicy sausage packed with Mediterranean herbs and spices for a fresh and savory taste. Our Merguez packs that classic merguez punch thanks to its balanced mid-hot seasoning with cumin and other spices. If you’re more into the central European classics, our Bratwurst will be your go-to sausage with its hints of marjoram and spices for a great juicy bite. 

Best of all worlds!

Our vegan Garden Gourmet Sensational Sausages are tasty sure, but that’s not all. The whole range is low in saturated fat and is a valuable source of fibres. This makes them a healthy alternative compared to other sausages. At the same time, they’re high in protein, an essential building block of our human body. We’ve also made sure that they’re free of artificial colorants and they all have a Nutri-Score A, which means they can be part of a balanced diet.

Sharing is caring

If you’re looking for these sausages in your favorite store, you’ll see that our packaging has had some improvements. Our sausages now are presented better than before, which makes it even easier to pick your favorite in the store. Also the sausage size has changed a bit, so we’ve got more sausages in 1 pack than before. This doesn’t just work out well for plating, it’s also easier to share those tasty sausages with your friends — but only if you want to, of course.

Tasty every moment of the day

Our sausages are versatile and tasty for just about every moment of the day. Need some finger-licking inspiration? We’ve got you covered! How about Bratwurst Panini? Or, for some tasty variety, Herb Couscous with Merguez! Browse all our recipes below and find your favorite!