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A plant-based lifestyle from heart to soil

Nature Lovers

GARDEN GOURMET® is where good food is grown.

Our love for plants was born out of a garden back in 1986 with a sheer passion for plant-based food. Since then, we’ve used our love for nature and simply delicious food to turn plants into vegan and vegetarian sensations. 

We know we’re not going to solve the situation by begging people to completely change their diet, so we crafted a line of delicious plant-based products and recipes to create something worth talking about. 

We think the more people that adopt a plant-based lifestyle the better


Whether you’re choosing a plant-based lifestyle for its health reasons, moral values, personal preference or you’re passionate about the environment, we stand behind you. 

Let us help you fuel your mind, body and soul with the gifts from the garden and let our chefs help you make them gourmet.


We are what we eat, which is why we don’t send a product to the market unless its nutritional value has been perfected. We believe in transparency and label our packaging with all the ingredients and nutritional information so you can make the most informed choices for yourself.

Nutri-Score is a color-coded label that classifies foods and beverages according to their nutritional profile, with a scale from A (healthier choices) to E (less healthy choices). Most of our products already score A or B, but we are continuously striving to improve.

We use soy protein in most of our products because it contains all nine essential amino acids (the ones that our bodies cannot make and thus must be incorporated in our diets). Many of our products are high in protein, so you can feel good knowing it’s possible to be fueled by the Sun. 

Because we use plenty of vegetables and other plant-based ingredients in our products, many of them are a source of fiber. And we don’t need to tell you how important it is to eat enough fiber!

Let us help you maintain a healthy lifestyle that's fueled by the Sun


Our choices leave an environmental footprint. This is why we strive to make the right ones with our products and our packaging. 

We believe packaging should get a second life, which is why we designed ours to be fully recyclable. Please make sure to throw the top foil and plastic tray in the plastic bin and place the cardboard sleeve in the paper bin. This way, we’re all doing our part together.