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Vegan Filet Chicken Style with Orzo

Creamy Orzo with grilled Fillet Chicken-Style

Serving 2 servings
Duration 25 MIN
Difficulty Easy


1 pack of Garden Gourmet Fillet Chicken-Style
100 grams Mushrooms, white, raw
150 g orzo (rice pasta)
200 g fresh spinach
200 g cherry tomatoes
350 ml vegetable broth (use 1/2 cube)
50 ml (vegan) cooking cream
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Creamy Orzo with grilled Fillet Chicken-Style

Indulge in the creamy and satisfying flavors of Creamy Orzo with vegetarian Grilled Fillet Chicken-Style. A great vegetarian weekday meal to enjoy with your family and friends.


1. Prep the vegetables

Halve the tomatoes and slice the mushrooms

2. Cook the veggies and orzo

Brown the mushrooms in some cooking oil and add the orzo and stock. Bring to the boil and cook the orzo for about 8 min. After 7 min, stir in the spinach and let it wilt.

3. Grill the fillet

Fry or grill the vegetarian Fillet Chicken-Style according to the instructions on the packet until brown.

4. Finishing touch, serve and enjoy!

Spoon the tomatoes through the orzo and add the cream and salt and pepper if necessary. Slice the Fillet Chicken style and serve with the orzo.

Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

77.6 grams
495 Kilocalories
7.2 grams
27.8 grams