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Vuna bagels

Vegan Vuna cream cheese bagels

Serving 4 servings
Duration 10 MIN


1 jar of Garden Gourmet Vuna
4 radishes
1 cucumber
1 bunch of dill or chives
1 tbsp capers
4 bagels (store bought or freshly baked)
1 container vegan cream cheese
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Vegan Vuna cream cheese bagels

Savor the taste of vegan Garden Gourmet Vuna cream cheese bagels. Creamy and flavorful, a perfect plant-based treat on a fresh bagel.


1. Spread the Vuna on the bagels

Halve the freshly baked bagels lengthwise and generously spread the halves with cream cheese. Spread Vuna on top.

2. Add the toppings and serve!

Use a peeler to peel thin ribbons from the cucumber and slice the radishes. Spread the cucumber ribbons on the Vuna and garnish with the radishes, capers and coarsely chopped dill and/or chives.

Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

52.6 grams
448 Kilocalories
15.7 grams
22.6 grams