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Cesar Salad

Marine-style Crispy Nuggets Caesar salad

Serving 2 servings
Duration 20 MIN
Difficulty Easy


1 Pack Garden Gourmet Marine-Style Crispy Nuggets 80g
150g tomato mix (various colours of tomatoes)
2 heads of baby Romaine lettuce
1 spring onion
Small bunch of dill
5g grated vegan cheese
1 tbsp Vegan caesar dressing (ready-made) or homemade, see recipe
salt and pepper
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Marine-style Crispy Nuggets Caesar salad

Give your traditional Caesar salad a creative spin with this recipe and win over taste buds at your next dinner party!


1. Make the dressing

Remove the lettuce leaves from the heads and let them crisp up in ice-cold water. Slice the tomatoes. Make the dressing or use a ready-made vegan caesar dressing.

2. Prep the lettuce

Dry the lettuce in a tea towel, salad spinner or drain and pat dry well. Mix the lettuce with some dressing so that everything is well mixed with dressing

3. Divide the lettuce

Divide the lettuce between 2 plates, divide the tomatoes on top and through and sprinkle with black pepper.


Fry the nuggets according to instructions on the packet until golden brown. Divide the nuggets over the lettuce and and sprinkle with dill, spring onion and grated vegan cheese. Serve with extra dressing and grated cheese.

Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

36.8 grams
349.6 Kilocalories
16.5 grams
18.9 grams