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Spicy-tarian burger

"Spicy-tarian" burger

2 servings
20 MIN


1 pack Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger
1 small red onion
2 preserved roasted bell peppers
2 tbsp quacamole (ready to eat or home made)
35 g lamb’s lettuce
2 slice of vegan melt cheese
2 tbsp tomato salsa
1 green and red jalapeno peppers
2 burger buns with sesam and poppyseed
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Slice the onion in rings and bell peppers in strips. Grill the onion shortly and set aside.

Cut the burger buns lengthwise and grill both sides until grill marks are showing.

Grill the burgers according to the instructions on the package and cover them with a slice of cheese while the are still warm.

Spread the bun bottoms with guacamole. Cover with lamb’s lettuce and bell pepper strips and place the cheeseburgers on it.

Tonion, tomato salsa and if you like it spicy add some jalapeno slices. Place the lids on top.