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Starter glasses with Voie Gras

Starter glasses with Voie Gras

Serving 4 servings
Duration 15 MIN
Difficulty Easy


1 jar of Garden Gourmet Voie Gras
10g fresh rocket leaves
1 fresh fig
2 slices of sweet brioche
10g of fig chutney
3g vegan butter
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Starter glasses with Voie Gras

Bring a touch of elegance to your dinner table with Garden Gourmet's Voie Gras. Get ready to have your taste buds do a happy dance with this recipe!


1. Prepare the Voie Gras

Unscrew the lid from the jar of the Voie Gras. Dip the jar in good hot water up to the rim for a few seconds and cut along the rim to the bottom with a knife. With some force, knock the jar upside down on a cutting board to allow some air to get between the rim and release the Voie Gras from the jar. Let the Voie Gras stiffen in the freezer for a while so you can easily cut slices with a warm knife.

2. Toast the bread

Cut the brioche bread into cubes and toast them with a little butter in a frying pan while stirring until light brown.

3. Serve

Spread a layer of fig chutney at the bottom of the glasses. Cut the Voie Gras into cubes and divide them with the brioche cubes in the glasses. Garnish with a wedge of fresh fig and a sprig of arugula.

Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

12.6 grams
253.9 Kilocalories
20.6 grams
4.7 grams