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Japanese Takoyaki Balls with Sensational Mince

Vegan Asian-Style Takoyaki Balls

Serving 4 servings
Duration 30 MIN
Difficulty Intermediate


1 pack Garden Gourmet Vegan Balls (300 g)
200 g carrots
2 spring onions
40 g water cress
20 g dried porcini mushrooms
60 ml vegan mayonnaise
40 ml hoisin sauce
40 ml vegetable oil
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Vegan Asian-Style Takoyaki Balls

These delicious Takoyaki Balls made with Garden Gourmet Vegan Balls are inspired by Japanese street food and will surely satisfy your cravings!


1. Prepare the veggies

Clean the spring onions and the carrots. Chop the spring onions into fine rings and finely chop the carrots in long julienne. Break the dried mushrooms into small pieces.

2. Make the sauce

Add the hoisin sauce to a small pot or pan and add around 50ml of water. Bring this mixture to a boil and let it simmer for 5 minutes until it has reduced to a sauce consistency.

3. Toss the Vegan Balls in the sauce

Fry the Garden Gourmet Vegan Balls in a hot pan with oil for about 4 to 6 minutes. Once done, add the sauce to the balls so they are completely covered.

4. Garnish, take a bite and enjoy!

Sprinkle the balls with the spring onion, carrot, water cress and sesame seeds and serve them with the vegan mayonnaise.


Culinary tip

If you can't find dried mushrooms, you can always finely chop and pan-fry some fresh mushrooms like enoki mushrooms.
wasabi mayonnaise
You can mix some wasabi into the mayonnaise to add some contrast to the sweet glaze.
Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

21.1 grams
332.6 Kilocalories
20.9 grams
15.3 grams