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Vegan Valentine Tacos

Vegan Valentine Tacos

Serving 2 servings
Duration 20 MIN
Difficulty Easy


1 jar Garden Gourmet Vuna
2 tbsp cooked black beans (canned or bagged)
1/2 nice ripe mango
1 part red cabbage
2 radishes
1/2 head of romaine Lettuce
1 limes
4 crispy corn taco shells
2 tbsp mexican salsa of your choice
2 tbsp vegan mayonnaise
1 tbp smoked paprika
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Vegan Valentine Tacos

On this 14th of February, surprise your partner with a very special Garden Gourmet dinner. On the menu: lots roses and a lovely with our 100% vegan tacos with Vuna. With this recipe, no more excuse to not cook for your partner.


1. Prepare the sauce

Mix the vegan mayonnaise with the smoked paprika powder.

2. Take care of the veggies

Cut the lettuce and red cabbage into thin strips and mix together. Sprinkle them with lime juice and a little salt and pepper.

3. Mix mango and black beans

Cut the mango in half and cut the flesh into pieces. Rinse the black beans and shovel them through the mango cubes. Cut the radishes into slices.

4. Dress the tacos

Divide some salad in the tacos and spoon some salsa on top. Divide some Garden Gourmet Vuna and the mango with beans over it. Divide radish slices and extra Vuna on top

5. Serve and enjoy

Serve the tacos with the sauce and lime wedges.


Culinary tip

Make a fine dinner
Delicious with a cocktail/mocktail of (non-alcoholic) Prosecco, lime, mint, pomegranate seeds and an ice cube
Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

51.2 grams
519.7 Kilocalories
22.4 grams
28.7 grams