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Picnic vuna spring rolls

Vuna Spring Rolls

Serving 8 servings
Duration 15 MIN
Difficulty Easy


1 jar Garden Gourmet Vuna
8 rice paper sheets
80 g red cabbage
40 g Romaine lettuce
15 g onion sprouts
40 g tomato chutney
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Vuna Spring Rolls

If you need a simple but different meal for your picnic, this is your chance! Try out these vegan spring rolls, made with tasty Garden Gourmet Vuna.


1. Cut cucumber and cabbage

Wash and cut the cucumber into strips and the red cabbage into julienne strips.

2. Mix Vuna with tomato chutney

Mix the Garden Gourmet Vuna with the tomato chutney.

3. Hydrate the rice paper

Hydrate the rice paper in cold water for 10-15 seconds (according to package instructions) and place on a plate. Make the rolls one by one so that they do not dry out.

4. Get your rolls on!

Place the lettuce, the onion sprouts, the cucumber, the Vuna and the red cabbage in the center. Wet your fingers with water, fold the sides towards the center and roll up.

Culinary tip: Serve with soy sauce

Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

41 grams
250.4 Kilocalories
5.6 grams
8 grams