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Garden Gourmet Chargrilled Pieces

Cupid’s Yakitori Arrow with Chargrilled Pieces

Serving 2 servings
Duration 10 MIN
Difficulty Easy


1 pack of Garden Gourmet Chargrilled Pieces
1 spring onion
1 tbsp yakitori wok sauce (jar)
1 tsp sesame seeds a few sprigs of chives
2 to 4 cocktail sticks
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Cupid’s Yakitori Arrow with Chargrilled Pieces

Get inspired this Valentine's day with our Vegetarian Chargrilled Pieces Skewers with Yakitori sauce, easy, delicious, and will make you fall in love at first bite!


1. Build the skewers

Cut the spring onion into 1½ cm pieces. Thread the grilled pieces alternately with the spring onion and skewer.

2. Coat skewers with yakitori sauce and fry

Brush them with yakitori sauce with a brush. Fry the skewers on both sides with a little oil for a few minutes in a non-stick pan.

3. Garnish and enjoy!

Sprinkle some sesame seeds and finely chopped chives, and enjoy it with your loved ones!

Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

9 grams
143.2 Kilocalories
5.3 grams
12.5 grams