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Filet pieces mexican tortillas

4 servings
15 MIN


Garden Gourmet Filet Pieces
125 g kidney beans (drained weight)
125 g corn (drained weight)
1 avocado
2 sweet pointed peppers
2 tomatoes
4 carrot tortilla’s (or other vegetable tortilla)
100 ml crème fraiche
1 tbsp cajun seasoning
1 tbsp fresh coriander
3 tbsp plantbased oil
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Mix the oil with the cajun seasoning and marinate the filet pieces. Heat a frying pan and fry the filet pieces according to the instructions on the package until golden brown.

Meanwhile, let the beans and corn leak out. Clean the fresh vegetables and cut into mini cubes. Mix the vegetables with the corn.

Heat the tortillas according to the instructions on the package.

Heat the beans with the filet pieces for the last few minutes.

Cover half of a tortilla with the Cajun filet pieces-bean mixture and cover with the vegetable salad. Garnish with a dot crème fraîche and coarsely chopped coriander and fold the tortilla double.