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Vuna Sandwich

Crispy 'No Waste' Vuna Sandwich

Serving 4 servings
Duration 15 MIN
Difficulty Easy


1 jar of Garden Gourmet Vuna
1/4 Chinese cabbage
100g (small piece) red cabbage
1/4 cucumber
1 carrot
50g lamb's lettuce
2 (pre-baked) baguettes
4 tbps vegan yoghurt mayonnaise
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Crispy 'No Waste' Vuna Sandwich

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of the Crispy 'No Waste' Vuna Sandwich, featuring a delectable combination of crispy Vuna, vibrant veggies, and tantalizing condiments.


1. Slice the vegetables

Slice all the vegetables into thin strips and mix them together.

2. Toast the bread

Halve the baguettes and cut them lengthwise. Heat a frying pan and lightly toast the cut sides of the bread until golden brown.

3. Top with Vuna and serve!

Spread the bread with vegan yogurt mayonnaise and generously top with the cabbage slaw and lamb's lettuce. Then, distribute the Vuna on top, drizzle with lemon or lime juice, and sprinkle with some pepper.

Nutritional Information

Typical values

Per Serving

21.9 grams
279.2 Kilocalories
14.3 grams
14.2 grams