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Our plant-based burger, even more sensational! ​

What's new


The Sensational Burger has been improved, and it’s become even more juicy! At Garden Gourmet we love to see that more and more people are looking for great-tasting plant-based food. The market for meat alternatives is growing fast and changing even faster, and we won’t stay behind. We believe that we need to keep on improving our products to deliver the best taste experience to you.


The Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger has taken a big step forward in taste and texture. Honestly, it looks sensational! Our improved vegan burger has a crumbly texture, juiciness and rich satisfying taste that brings the full burger experience in one bite.

We are using new new production methods that give our plant-based protein base an even juicier and meatier texture and a brand new proprietary custom plant-based beef flavor for a great burger taste. Because of this it’s also high in protein and a source of fiber, good for you good for the planet!

We don’t send a product to the market until it’s perfected, therefore our chefs worked hard to make it even better. This burger has been rated with a Nutri-Score ‘A’ rating in Europe, and has amongst the best nutritional values of any plant-based burger on the market. 

The recipe is made with