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Veggie Recipes for a Magical Season

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Host family diners this holiday season without breaking a sweat, these simple but delicious vegetarian takes on holiday recipes are amazing! Whether you want to have a dish on Christmas Eve or in the weeks before to get yourself in that seasonal mood, we’ve got something for everyone.

From Garden Gourmet, to you! Six vegetarian recipes for the Holiday Season, to create as either a side dish or main course.


Filet Pieces Salad

You can never have enough extra meals when it comes to the holiday season. Our Filet Pieces Salad is one to share on the side and is a great addition to every main course. For 4 persons use 2 packs of Garden Gourmet Filet Pieces, and prepare as stated on the pack. Roast some cashew nuts, for an extra bite and prepare the salad with spinach leaves, fruits (mango and pineapple), avocado, chickpeas and sprinkle some pomegranate on top. Try it out yourself and find the recipe here.

Vegetarian Balls in Cranberry Sauce

To go perfectly with that lovely pomegranate from the salad try these Vegetarian Balls with Cranberry Sauce. They not only look delicious, they also taste delicious. The sauce contains wine, stock, orange juice, cranberries and honey and brings you right into the Christmas spirit. Want to create your own? Find out all the ingredients and how the prepare in our recipe.

Sensational Mince Cheese Balls

Not really into the sweetness of the fruits in the ball with cranberry sauce? Go for some savoury ones with our recipe for Sensational Mince Cheese Balls. They are quick and easy to prepare and a very tasty treat. Just fill up the balls with some easy melting cheese, put them in the oven and prepare a nice gravy from mustard and honey. Find all about it here.

Veggie Traybake

The holiday season is the season for oven prepared meals, so we present you our vegetarian take on the classic traybake. We use our Spinach-Cheese Rondo for this, asparagus, pumpkin, fennel and potatoes. Adding some herbs and nuts for flavor and texture and put it all on one plate in the oven to bake. For all ingredients and oven-time check out the recipe.

Fried Sensational Sausage with Apple and Onions

A real treat during the holidays is some baked apples, a classic winter seasonal diner but with a vegetarian twist. It’s very easy, done in 15 minutes and can be used as a main course during Christmas as well! Bake some Sensational Sausages (as much as needed for the entire family to enjoy!), peel, halve and cut the onions in half rings to fry and add the apples at the end while stirring. Adding some sage to it makes it extra tasty! Get to know how you create it yourself here.


Red Curry Soup with Chargrilled Pieces

You can’t leave out soups during the most wonderful time of the year, but you can switch your soup to a new and exciting one like the vegetarian Red Curry Soup. Bake some red peppers, our Garden Gourmet Chargrilled Pieces and add coconut milk, red curry paste and top it off with cilantro (if you like). Easy as that! Check out the recipe here.

Last but not least, Garden Gourmet wishes you a very merry and magical holiday season!