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The Garden Gourmet Sensational Crispy Mini Filet

What's new

Mini in size, big in flavour

Craving a crispy crunch? Looking to sink your teeth in something juicy? We hear you! Meet our new Sensational Crispy Mini Filet. This versatile and mouth-watering plant-based filet will add a tasty bite to any meal. That’s why we like to call it Plant-Based Perfection. Now, let’s have a look at what’s new.


Get creative with our Sensational range

Our new Sensational Crispy Mini Filet is the newest addition to our Garden Gourmet Sensational range. We already had a lot of different products, and now we have got the Crispy Mini Filet to inspire you to cook the most delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes you can imagine. We know you like to try new things, so let your creativity run wild and get cooking!

Made with a dash of love and all the right ingredients

The Crispy Mini Filet proves that you can combine a mouth-watering experience with good nutrition. Our new Crispy Mini Filet is made with plant-based ingredients and is high in protein. At the same time, it’s a rich source of valuable fiber. It will come as no surprise that our new Crispy Mini Filet has a Nutri-Score A, which means it can be part of a balanced diet.

Breaded to perfection and irresistible in any dish

The Sensational Crispy Mini Filet is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It is also ready in just 4 minutes, so you will be able to cook something delicious even on the busiest days. The filet is perfect as a balanced snack, for lunch or for an all-out dinner. Moreover, it is fully vegan approved. How’s that for a great plant-based experience?

You can prepare the filet in a lot of different dishes and cuisines. It will do wonders in a poke rice bowl, on a wrap and even with a trio of dip sauces. Go and experience the new Sensational Crispy Mini Filet yourself and find your favorite recipe below.