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Get a taste for cooking with no waste

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No waste cooking might be the most fun and rewarding trend in cooking we’ve noticed over the past years. Maybe you’re a pro slicing up super tasty sandwiches with pulled banana peel or maybe you’re just getting started. No matter how familiar you are with the world of no waste, there’s something in here for everyone. All it takes is an open mind a tiny pinch of creativity.

Getting started: use byproducts such as carrot tops

You can start easy, by just looking at the byproduct of the ingredients you use. Are they ready to get thrown away, or is there more to them than meets the eye? What about a bunch of carrots with their tops still on? Are they messing up the perfect order in your fridge, or are they the start of a delicious carrot top pesto? Check out this veggie salad with Vegetable Balls and our own no-waste pesto and decide for yourself.

Drain or reuse? Things to do with your pasta water

Let’s look at the most basic ingredient you’re probably using every time you’re cooking. That’s right: Water. Next time you cook your rice or pasta, when draining the water, just keep it on the side. When cooled, that starchy liquid is perfect for watering your plants! Just don’t put any oil or salt in, your green friends won’t like that too much.

Any pasta dish will do of course, but why not start with this tasty vegetarian recipe we created based on a traditional Italian dish: Pasta alla Norma with Mediterranean Marinated Pieces.

Aquafaba: the unsung hero of vegan whipping

Are you using chickpeas for your next meal? They’re the main ingredient in hummus, they’re super tasty when you roast them, but there’s also some real magic in the fluid they’re contained in. That’s right: We’re talking about aquafaba. It’s a well-known vegan substitute for egg whites and is the basis for a delicious vegan mayonnaise. In this recipe, we’re making a vegan tahini mayo to go with that delicious Falafel bowl.

The Cauliflower, the whole cauliflower and nothing but the cauliflower

Same as broccoli, the stems and leaves of a cauliflower taste great and can be used for salads or in your stir-fry. The cauliflower -in our view a pretty underrated vegetable- is such a cool and flexible veggie. Use it for your pizza base, or try this no waste cauliflower rice with Chargrilled Pieces. It’s tasty, vegan and easy!

Potato peel fries: the crunchiest vitamins to sink your teeth in

If you’re into fries, you’ll love this. The peel of the potato contains loads of vitamins B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients[1]. When you’ve got a recipe with skinned potatoes, why not keep the peel and use it to make some deliciously crunchy fries. Our plant-based no waste burger with potato peel fries goes great with some aquafaba aioli and those golden-brown potato peel fries are deliciously crunchy.

Don’t waste the nutrients!

Cooking in a sustainable way is as much about the ingredients as it is about nutrition. Making the most of the ingredients you use in that way isn’t just good for the environment, it also helps you stick to a balanced diet. Read up here for more inspiration about balancing your nutrients; it’s a must read for anyone on a vegan or vegetarian diet. So go ahead and enjoy our No Waste recipes. We hope they’ll inspire you to cook some great plant-based food as well as look at new ways to reduce your food waste!  


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