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Scary & tasty? Try these veggie Halloween recipes

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It’s that time of the year again: Halloween. Go out and fix that silly costume you always wanted, watch some scary movies, and unleash your inner slasher! And while you’re at it, why not get some of that creativity going with these cool vegetarian recipes? These recipes are great to make with the kids and 100% plant-based so get cooking and get spooky.


Ever walked into a dark room and had that feeling that something was watching you? If you think that’s freaky, then watch out for this spooky Spaghetti!  It’s not just fun to make but dressing the plate with the olives and cheese is also fun for the whole family. Watch out though! These eyeballs made from our Vegetarian Balls are dangerously tasty.  


If you’ve ever seen the 90’s movie Arachnophobia, this is your chance to get even on the spiders! These are a bit more friendly, and we’re pretty sure they won’t kill you. You can make the paws out of bell pepper and the body with our Sensational Mince for a delicious and 100% veggie Halloween snack. And don’t worry. No spiders were harmed while making these snack ;).


This is a great sharing recipe for fright night, and you can make all the scary faces you want to turn this pumpkin pie into the perfect Halloween dish. The pie is nice and cheesy with mozzarella, but you can also use any type of vegan cheese! When you’re hollowing out your pumpkin, don’t forget there’s loads of great things you can do with the seeds like roast them for a no waste salad.  Check the recipe for this Halloween pie right here.

Did you make a great Halloween recipe for date night, the whole family, or just for the kids? Don’t be shy and share your pictures with us on your socials using #gardengourmet or tag us in your photo! Have fun getting spooky!