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The Taste Awards jury has spoken: our plant-based products for the win!

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We’ve got some sensational news to share! Some of our plant-based products have been awarded the seal of approval at the Brussel’s Taste Awards 2022. Crowned winners of the Superior Taste Award include our Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger, Falafel, and Vuna, which were awarded an amazing two stars each. And our Sensational Filet Pieces Mediterranean were each awarded one star.

“This is a very impressive product that looks, tastes and feels like tuna.”

Now, you might be thinking, ‘what are the Taste Awards?’. Here comes the good bit. The Superior Taste Award is the most prestigious certificate a tasty product can get[1]! An expert panel of culinary professionals tastes the crème de la crème of the products on supermarket shelves. They do this as a blind test and so grant the winners according to the main criteria in the Taste Awards — you guessed it — taste.

“A succulent plant-based burger with aromas and flavours that are almost identical to a traditional hamburger.”

How do the Taste Awards work, exactly?

It’s safe to say that the Taste Awards are a pretty big deal. It is an internationally renowned, independent certification gathers an expert jury of more than 200 top-notch chefs and sommeliers. The jury includes the likes of Michelin-starred celebs, Gault & Millau recognized chefs, and culinarians who’ve worked for the Queen of England, no less! You can imagine that having our plant-based products tasted by a panel like that is amazing. And getting them awarded even more.

Not surprisingly, taste is the major factor in announcing the winners. Besides that, our products are judged on 5 other criteria: first impression, visual aspect, smell, flavour, and texture.

Each product is prepared according to the description on the pack and served to the jury on a white plate, ready to be blind taste-tested. The only thing the jury is told in advance is the product category, such as ‘plant-based burger’. Because all the branding and labels are removed, the jury can award points according to taste and texture alone. Making it all fair and square!

Do you know what makes being awarded even more special? Only products that score over 70% are awarded the Superior Taste Stars. 🤩

What now?

Well, this is where you come in! Everyone's welcome at our table to celebrate with us — by taste-testing at home! Whether it’s serving up Vegan Sensational Burger Sliders for the whole family, tossing together a tasty Vegan Vuna Poké Bowl, or whipping up Fiery Red Pepper Falafel Pita, there's no shortage of tasty plant-based things to try.

If you haven’t tried these award-winning products yet, this is your (star) sign, saying you should! The Taste Awards don’t just hand out stars to any random product, so this is big for us and delicious for you. Check out our delicious dinner ideas and recipes and get cooking!