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Tasty and get-together goodness is coming to your kitchen and dining table!

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Imagine the moment you invite all your friends and fellow food lovers for a new eating adventure. A tasty experience that starts right in your kitchen and moves straight to your dining table. There’s one simple house rule: anyone who loves food is invited! Let’s get started.

There’s one simple house rule: anyone who loves food is invited!

#Garden Gourmet


Nothing beats a cozy get-together with the friends (and food lovers!) you care about. Preparing the most delicious recipes with each other, combining tasty ingredients, and embarking together on a cooking adventure packed with different flavors. And how about a bit of experimenting with various styles? Being creative in your own kitchen now is easier than ever, thanks to our irresistible and mouth-watering range. We’re talking about juicy burgers, delicious lightly roasted pieces, tasty vegan schnitzel or veggie balls, and many, many more plant-based goodness. What will you be serving today?


Whatever you do and whatever you and your guests like: it all boils down to the moment dinner is served! Gathering together in your dining room, with all those food lovers around you. Enjoying and exploring all the goodness that a plant-based experience has to offer. The best thing: your dining table will feature a range of garden-first meals for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a food-loving vege-tarian, an adventurous flexi-tarian, or an all-over-the-place messy-tarian: we stand for whatever tastes good!