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5 No waste tips for a deliciously Green Christmas!

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Christmas is around the corner, so now is the perfect time to give everyone and everything around you a bit more love. What better place to start than with Mother Earth? Let’s dig into 5 ideas to make this Christmas jolly, tasty and greener than ever.

Tip #1 It’s all about preparation

A balanced Christmas dinner starts with proper preparation. First, make sure you know how many people you’ll have over for dinner. Then, get creative! Go through your favourite recipes and do some digging in your cupboard. We all know what kitchen cupboards are like: Things stack up quickly over there, but hey; they might hold that one item that’ll inspire your full main course! Also, don’t forget to check our recipe section! We have got some delicious & festive recipes and each recipe has the quantities noted for easy shopping and cooking.


Christmas recipe for the whole family: Oh Christmas tree

Are you looking for some vegan inspiration for the ultimate family Christmas dish? Have a look at our “Oh Christmas Tree”. A cheerful and delicious veggie pizza, prepared for the best days of the year! The Christmas tree pizza is decorated with bell pepper and onion ‘garlands’. Of course, Christmas balls are essential in any tree. Ours are made of tomatoes and Sensational Mince. And to top it all off, you can garnish the pizza with a paprika Christmas star, basil leaves, and pomegranate seeds. Enjoy!

Tip #2: Get festive the veggie way!

Giving that Christmas menu a vegetarian or vegan twist can be ever so delightful. There’re loads of ideas for classic Christmas dishes that are delicious and plant-based in our menu section below, but you could also get creative yourself. Give those veggies some love and make them the star of your dish. This way, you’re sharing a bit of green Christmas magic with your guests, as well as with the planet.


Tip #3: Decorate in (DIY) style

This might be the time of year where we make the most beautiful tables for our dinner party and rightly so. There’s nothing more romantic and cozier than a table full of decoration and nice lights. If you are working on your plan for this year, take up the challenge to do this in DIY style and not buy anything new. Take a walk through the forest with the kids and get your leafy and nutty ornaments straight from the source. Make your own garland or wreath as a handicraft session during the holidays or simply recycle last year’s decoration!

Classy Christmas recipe: Holly Jolly Tartelettes

Looking for a fancy starter for your Christmas dinner? Our Holly Jolly Tartelettes look and taste amazing! They’re made with vegan Garden Gourmet Mediterranean Filet Pieces combined with fresh pumpkin tapenade and beetroot . Also, the tartelettes make for a delicious stress-free Christmas appetizer, because you can make most of it well in advance! Just bake the filet pieces and finish the tartelettes just before serving. Easy peasy!

Tip #4: Do some homework on your vegetables and discover their magic

When you are working on your recipe, or even when you are preparing your vegetables, why not try and use the entire vegetable? There’s more to those veggies than you think. You can make a delicious pesto out of carrot tops or use a whole pumpkin by roasting the seeds. The stem of a broccoli is very tasty, and the leaves of a cauliflower are great in salads. Use your imagination this Christmas and you’ll see that cooking a no- (or low) waste Christmas menu is easier than you think!

Tip #5: Sharing is caring & Leftover love

The nice thing about Christmas leftovers is that you get to recreate a bit of that magic vibe you had during dinner, and it can even lead to some inspiring new combinations. Get creative with what you made, and you’ll have a great lunch the day after! Or why not share some of the lovely food you’ve got with your neighbours or the people in your neighbourhood who could use a bit of extra love? After all, sharing is caring.

We wish you a delightful Christmas and a lovely time with friends and loved ones and we hope you will enjoy a well-deserved delicious Christmas dinner. If you’re looking for additional veggie recipes, just head to our recipe section. Inspiration assured!