Vegetarian Balls with Cranberry Sauce

1 serving Serving
35 MIN Duration
Intermediate Difficulty


2 packs Garden Gourmet Vegetarian Balls
1 squeeze of orange
125 ml of red wine
200 ml mushroom stock
2 tbsp honey or sugar + extra
225 fresh cranberries
1 tsp potato starch
olive oil for frying
Thyme to garnish
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Wash the orange peel clean. Using a vegetable peeler,peel the zest off half of the orange. Grate the other half with a fine grater. Halve and squeeze the orange.

Bring the wine, stock, orange juice, grater, cranberries and honey to the boil. Boil until the cranberries become soft.

Use a hand blender to grind the cranberries a little finer into the sauce.

To bind the sauce, mix the potato starch with some water. Pour it into the cranberry sauce while stirring and let it cook for a while.

Cut the orange peel into very thin strips and bring to the boil with 100 ml water and a spoonful of sugar. Boil the strips for about 5 minutes until they are soft in the sugar syrup and let it cool down.

Bake the vegetarian balls according to the instructions on the package. Spoon the cranberry sauce into the balls and serve them in a festive bowl. Garnish with the orange zest and thyme.