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Back to school: 100% veggie lunch ideas for your kids

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Wow, Is summer over already? That means it’s time for your kids to go back to school, soak up all that new knowledge and meet all their friends again. Let’s help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings with a delicious and fun homemade lunch. These amazingly cute vegetarian lunch ideas will surely put a smile on your kids’ faces when the lunch bell rings at school.  

Lunch box with veggie balls skewers  

These colorful skewers with veggie balls and bell peppers are a nice way to get some variation sorted for your lunchbox. They go well with any type of sandwich and taste great hot or cold. You can get creative yourself and just use whatever veggies you have in the fridge for these skewers or make them together before school and let your kid choose the ingredients. Turn it into a little math game by counting the number of ingredients you put on one skewer or unleash your inner Jedi and see if the force is strong in your skewer. 

Bagel with grilled pieces 

Who doesn’t love a nice bit of food art? This one is particularly well dressed, with a funny face on top made out of blueberries and cherry tomatoes. Getting creative like this with your food and presenting it in a nicely decorated way can make food more exciting for your kids. Let them create their own bagel-woman or -man and you’ll be having fun while making and eating them. You can use our grilled pieces inside the bagel or even as arms or legs. Don’t worry about chewing off an arm or a leg though, whichever way you decorate it, this bagel is 100% veggie proof.   

Hedgehog with mashed potatoes and Sensational Sausage 

This dish is nice to make together with your kids. Prepare the potatoes and teach your kids some cooking skills while you’re at it. Teach them how to use a knife, how to minimize waste in the kitchen (Check our No waste burger recipe with potato peel chips) and how to clean the fruits. In this recipe, the body is made of mashed potatoes, the spikes are made of our Sensational Sausage, and we’ve used blueberries as eyes and nose. Add any type of veggies as decoration and you’ve got yourself a tasty and nutritious hot lunch. The only thing you have to worry about is whether this hedgehog is going to be too cute to eat. 

With these back-to-school dishes, you’re making healthy eating fun for your kids. Whether it’s lunch at school, or a lunch at home: there’s so many possibilities to get your kids involved in the process and let them discover the great taste of healthy food in a nice way. With that you’re giving them the tools they need in growing up and making well balanced food choices themselves. How’s that for a first lesson of the new school year? 

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