Garden Gourmet - hedgehog

Sensational Hedgehog with Mashed Potatoes

1 serving
30 MIN


1 pack Garden Gourmet Sensational Sausage
250 g slightly floury potatoes
50 ml vegetable milk
3 black olives
Some cucumber slices
Some olive oil
Some raw vegetables on the side: carrots, red bell pepper, cucumber, etc.
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Boil the potatoes in equal pieces for about 20 minutes with a little salt. Heat the milk.

Drain the potatoes and stir with a whisk to a puree. Add some warm
milk and some olive oil and stir to a smooth puree.

Meanwhile, fry the sausage according to the instructions on the
package until brown and cooked through. Spread some puree in the
middle of the plate.

Cut the sausage into slices and divide them in the puree as 'spikes'
and legs of the hedgehog. Cut eyes and a snout from the olives and
garnish the plate with cucumber slices as ‘grass’.

Nutritional Information
Typical values
Per Serving
547.4 Kilocalories
33.8 grams
42.9 grams
26.2 grams