Happy Halloween!

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Want to trick or treat your kids this Halloween with some fun and vegetarian recipes instead of a lot of candy? We’ve got you covered with some very delicious ones to be created with our Sensational Mince, Sausage and Burger. 

Terrifying Peppers.

Peppers cut as a pumpkins with scary faces filled with mixture of Garden Gourmet Minced, rive and beans

Boooo! A nice adaption to vegetarian minced peppers are these pumpkin look-a-like spooky ones. Carve out your terrifying creatures and fill them up with some Sensational Mince, beans, rice and tomatoes. Click here to prepare your own scary pepper family!

The Devil Burger.

GG Halloween Devil Burger

Create a terrifying vegetarian devil burger by using our Sensational Burger combined with black buns, use some peppers as horns and layer up your burger with all the veggies you like. Take a bite and don’t worry, it won’t bite back! Follow the recipe here.

Mummified Sausages.

Sensational Sausage, covered in dough, looking like a mummy

These mummies won’t come to haunt you, unless you dream of eating more! Create these with our Sensational Bratwurst, roll dough around for classic mummy wrapping use some mustard for eyes and add ketchup to make them bloody and tasteful! Click here to find out how to make your own mummies.

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