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4 New Year's resolutions we should all stick to in 2022

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Are you ready to take 2022 heads on, make the most of the new year and embrace all the great ideas that come with it? We surely are, and we’ll take you along for the ride. We’ve got exciting new recipes & products and are exited for you to join us!

But first, we’re kicking off in style by taking part in the biggest vegan challenge of the year: Veganuary. If you’re joining us for Veganuary or if you’re just interested in some inspiring veggie New Year’s Resolutions, you’ve come to the right spot. Just check out these 4 themes of New Year’s Resolutions below or go to Instagram to get inspired by our own AR New Year’s Resolution generator.

#1 Make 2022 all about flavour

Is 2022 the year where you’ll get in touch with your inner Ottolenghi and go from cooking good food to cooking amazing food? We’ll help you with that! We’ve got some great ideas for vegetarian and vegan recipes and just the right products for that delicious new dish of yours. Our Sensational Burger has a great juicy bite and our Marinated Pieces come in 3 different seasonings, chopped and ready to add flavour to your noodles, wrap or pizza! If that’s not a tasty start of the year, what is?

#2 Find your green routine

Doing something good for the environment is a hot topic and it’s something that we hope will get even more attention in 2022. So why not take yourself up on the challenge of building a new routine that’s great for the environment? Try that vegetarian lunch or vegan dinner  just once a week and see where that new routine will take you! There’s so much great veggie food to discover and we’ll be right here to inspire you to go for a new year full of plant-based goodness.  

3# Enough challenges in your day-to-day? Cook something easy!

There’s plenty of ways to step out of your comfort zone in the New Year, but let’s be honest: Not everything has to be hard. In fact, if you’ve got a weekday dinner on your to-do list along with ten other important things, easy might be the magic word. Just try some of our recipes that are done in under 20 minutes like this Quinoa salad with Falafel or this Risoni pasta. They’re easy & delicious!

#4 Balance is everything in the new year

If there’s one New Year’s Resolution that has been topping the charts year after year, it’s eating healthier. It makes sense as well: It’s January, which means the festivities and all the multi-course dinners you’ve had in December (possibly with a few drinks) are over. Now is the time to go for some healthy food and start the new year with some fresh energy. We’ve got a website full of lovely vegan and vegetarian recipes and all our plant-based products are Nutri-Score A or B, which means they’re part of a balanced diet. Just check out this Italian style salad with Marinated Pieces or this Veggie mushroom soup and you’ve got yourself a light meal for a balanced start of the year.

If you’re taking part in Veganuary, that’s great! If you’re going vegan for the first time and are just looking for some new inspiration, that’s great as well. Let’s all make the most out of 2022 and remember: Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions are, we’ve got something delicious for you.

Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions are, we’ve got something delicious for you.