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7 vegetarian recipes for a delicious Easter brunch

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Do you know what’s so great about Easter, or any other holiday for that matter? It’s a great excuse to go all out in the kitchen and create some of your favorite recipes for your family & friends. And since Easter actually involves some physical exercise, you’ll be sure to have your guests craving for food when they get home.

So while they’re working up their appetite during that early morning egg hunt, you can get creative with these 100% plant-based or vegetarian Easter brunch bites.

Mediterranean mini quiche

These bite-sized quiches with our Mediterranean seasoned Marinated Pieces are perfect as a warm brunch dish.

Puffed pastry sausage roll

A sausage roll is an Easter classic and this version with our Sensational Sausage will be gone before you know it!

Pomegranate salad with falafel

This salad will definitely add some color to the table with our falafel and one of the most gorgeous fruits we know: pomegranate. 

Mini taco cups

Add a bit of central-American flavor to your brunch with these mini taco cups and don’t go easy on the jalapeño!         

Sensational sliders

What’s not to love about these mini-burgers? They’re packed with veggies and with a nice scoop of herb mayo, they’re simply irresistible.

Mini wraps

Wraps are always a winner on a brunch table. They’re easy to make and when there’s leftovers, you just wrap them up (pun intended) and bring them as snack the next day!

Spring salad

Any decent brunch table needs a salad. This one is full of beautiful fresh veggies for that added bit of spring feeling.

Your brunch table will look simply irresistible with all these tasty bite-sized dishes. So whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or flexi-tarian, we’re sure that we’ve got some great recipes for your Easter brunch.



Have fun with that egg hunt and bon appétit!