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NEW! The Sensational Marinated Filet Pieces

What's new

Discover a world of flavors with our new Sensational Marinated Filet Pieces. With a mouth-watering explosion of flavors and juicy bite, these soy-based filet pieces are deliciously marinated to give you an incredible experience!

These incredibly delicious vegan marinated Filet Pieces are made with plant-based ingredients. Shake up your mealtime and use them in your favorite dish. They are easy to use and ready in a short time. Our chef created unique marinades by selecting the best combinations of herbs and spices inspired by Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.

Excite your senses with our Sensational Asian Marinated Filet Pieces

When you think of Asian cuisine, you think of chili peppers, cinnamon and ginger. Exactly what’s in the seasoning of our Sensational Asian Marinated Pieces. They are sweet and slightly chili in taste (but feel free to spice-up!). They go very well with Asian style noodles, salads with mango, cucumber and pickled onions or a coconut curry. Find out all the recipes here!

Explore the herbs of the Sensational Mediterranean Filet Pieces

It’s all in the name, our Mediterranean inspired variant goes well with every Mediterranean dish such as an Italian Salad Bowl, Vegan Paella and Mediterranean Burrito. Herbs such as basil, thyme and oregano will make you feel right on the sunny side of the Mediterranean region. Try it yourself!

Add a rich & spicy twist with Sensational marinated Filet Pieces in Mexican Style

Our Sensational Mexican style seasoned Filet Pieces are juicy, tender, rich and spicy in taste. The Mexican style marinade of cumin, coriander seeds, smoked paprika and chili, will excite your senses. They are delicious in recipes such as a classic Burrito Bowl, Mexican Stuffed Peppers or Sweet Potato-beet Tostadas. Find out our brand new recipes here!